Butterfly and Peony - Antique Woven Wheat Stalk Picture, Hand Crafted

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Because these are antiques, there may be some staining on the mounting material, which is inevitable with age. Each of the original creations is constructed from dyed natural grasses. Artisans wove the fibers together strand by strand to create traditional Chinese design motifs and themes. The vibrant colors are unique to the craft due to the way the dried grasses hold the dyes. This completely hand made picture makes a wonderful wedding or anniversary gift and is guaranteed to be a stand-out selection for any art lover. The delicate process of creating pictures from stalks of dried grasses demands both skill and a almost meditative dedication. Please note each piece is entirely a hand made original and may have slight variations from those depicted here. This is part of the nature and character of hand made goods. The set of three is a vintage production from northern China in the late 1970, created at the tail end of the cultural revolution. Every strand is hand dyed and hand set into place. They hearken from a time when the best technology China had was still the ancient crafts it relied on in past centuries. A very different place from today's China where mag-lav trains whisk us between cities at over 200 mph.